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I wrote this a few months ago before the term “alt-right” came to be associated with white nationalists and other dickheads. At the time this was written, the alt-right was a movement of mostly young republicans who rejected the old guard and came at liberals and progressives outrageously and troll-y. They would make their points using bombast and aggressiveness. (See Milo)

Someone, somewhere, decided that this was not the approved definition of alt-right. Maybe the term was hijacked… maybe not. It seems to me to be similar to what happened with the Tea Party. It started out pure. A couple assholes joined in and then it was decided that the assholes would define the movement.

Who knows?

As Dave Rubin points out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoLi4rC6xm8 the alt-right was created on the internet so it is amorphous.

I keep having to do these stupid disclaimers but: I’m not a nazi. I’m not a white supremacist. I’m not a white nationalist. I think those folks are sad and awful. So there.

Original essay below:

UBIQUITOUS AND ANNOYING DISCLAIMER: I don’t support Donald Trump. I’m not a Republican.

What They’re Saying:

The “Alt-Right” is even worse than Republicans and they are getting more popular than Republicans and supporting Donald Trump!!

The Alt-Right are Republicans who support Brexit and Donald Trump. (My TMOH about Donald Trump will never end.. maybe I’ll publish it some day, sheesh!)

Since they’re Republicans, they’re obviously racist, homophobic and sexist, but, see, they don’t hide it.

This is worth watching if, for no other reason, than the “Thank you!” at the end. Even if you are with her, you might laugh. Ass-uming you have a shred of humor left. PEPE!! (wtf?)

The Contrarian take on things:

We’re just speaking the truth.

The really ignorant take on things:


Another really ignorant take on things:


The seemingly obvious take on things:

Because a crazy person (a racist) supports something, that doesn’t make the thing they support crazy. David Duke likes Donald Trump. If there are t.v. shows, books… other things with ideas behind them that he likes, it doesn’t mean that the thing David Duke likes is racist.

Yep – It might be. I bet Duke likes Mein Kampf. He may also enjoy an episode of Seinfeld. Mein Kampf is awful. Seinfeld is hilarious.

But Seriously:

I’m actually a cautious fan of Milo Yiannopoulos. For the last year he’s been upsetting lots and lots of people by being eloquent in debates and speaking engagements and unleashing simple facts. He’s said and done some stuff that I’m not down with, but by and large, he’s an important voice.

That Milo says some stuff that bugs me doesn’t mean I dismiss everything else. I don’t agree 100% with anyone. Gary Johnson, my pick for president has been deeply bumming me out recently. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to vote for him.

But I digress…
The “Alt Right” seem to me to be Republicans who like to party. Somewhere between Libertarians and Republicans, but more aggressive and in your face. They are unapologetic for their beliefs and enjoy pissing people off. A bunch. Oh boy do they like pissing people off. Many are religious, but are a lot less concerned if you or I are religious.

Man, they piss people off….

Some Links I Found on The Google


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Complicated, to say the least:


The Beeb tries a “Gotcha!” on Milo

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Decide For Your Own Self

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The Alt Right

The Alt Right

Easily Misunderstood?




      Intelligent Sounding?


        Branded Racist/Sexist/Fool/Etc?


          Twitter/Facebook War?



            • Forces Self-Examination
            • Milo is British
            • Gavin McInnes
            • Makes People Angry


            • Possibly Racist
            • Possibly Horrible
            • Weird Abortion Stuff
            • Makes People Angry
            • Alex Jones
            The Alt-Right – Aug 29 to Sept 5

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