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Brexit, Brexit, Brexit…

Say it soft and it’s almost like praying…

Like everyone else in the United States, I know nothing about this, except that they have a thing called the EU (probably stands for European Union) in the Europes and that England had a vote (but doesn’t the king make them do shit over there?) and decided they didn’t want to be a part of the EU.

The really ignorant take on things:

“EU” can be verbalized as: “Ewwww”, so why would you want to be a part of that?

The seemingly obvious take on things:

More freedom is better? If folks (hi, mr. president!) want fewer people over them making decisions, that’s a good thing. Right?

The Contrarian take on things:

People on Facebook and elsewhere are saying that the folks (hello again!) who voted to leave the EWWW are stupid hillbillies. If that’s the main argument, to a contrarian, it means that you are a snob, so we support the people you are snobby about.

On The Other Hand:

It’s worked for a long time and why would you want to leave. There’s the currency. There’s a bunch of financial stuff. And you can just get on a train and travel around Europe without having to go through customs and stuff.

We are citizens of the world, you stupid racist.

But Seriously…

There are a bunch of reasons that it’s a good idea. One of them is very touchy… which we love here at Two Minutes of Hate. There are countries in the EU that are throwing open borders.  (I exaggerate to clarify)Apparently, Britain is serious about checking passports and vetting immigrants, while the other countries aren’t. And though we firmly believe that free travel between countries is a good thing – that people shouldn’t be punished or rewarded based on an accident of birth, some of these migrating folks are not assimilating into the countries to which they are migrating and, instead, doing bad things like, well, killing people because of their religion. Most of the folks who voted for the split have been affected by this migration… meaning: they’ve experienced it firsthand and they want it to stop. They want people who want to be a part of their country to join them in making it great. Or, at the very least, sitting around, eating chips and doing nothing bad.

Yep, immigration is generally a good thing. At the very least, we get cool new food, at the most, we get the best and brightest. To that end, as we get to decide who we want to come over to watch Lady Dynamite – if you’re going to eat all of my microwave kettle corn, make a number 2 in my toilet and then not flush, a country maybe should get to decide who gets to become a citizen.

Why Two Minutes of Hate?

There are people predicting the end of the world. The end of the world is a constant regarding Two Minutes of Hate. And… it hasn’t happened. Not yet.

Maybe I’m wrong. Sometimes I am. But I sure won’t admit it!!

Lauren Southern getting harassed by “anti-fascists.” Your robot will die:

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            Brexit – June 24 to July 1st

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